A New Beginning.

VR 2013

The Interregnum

As the Age of the Dragon Throne passed away with little more than a whimper, and the rise of the Thoonian Cults began, few mortals were left unscathed by the devastation that the Thoonian Infiltrators and Flayers of Thoon brought with them. Both Underdark and Overworld were changed in ways no one could at first imagine.

The intense plagues and pestilence that followed quickly after the Thoonians took control of Thynatira was far worse then the Dragon Plagues of the Time of Darkness, some 1000 years before. The horrifying mutations and bizarre creations of the Flayers and their Madcrafters, that were left behind as they destroyed city after city searching and consuming the Quintessence that they found in each one, was enough to break the heart and spirit of any true blooded Thynatiran.

Soon the Thoonian Plague that the Cult had brought with them from the Far Realms eventually turned on its carriers and destroyed them all down to that last Flayer, Soldier and Thrall. The deep portals that brought them to this world were soon located and destroyed with massive displays of arcane power. This rending of the Underdark into little more than rubble filled expanses of Daedhel and Illithid carnage. Few of them survived the Thoonian onslaught, those that did were not the same.

Now, less than one generation later in the common year 2014 VR, the world of Thynatira has drastically changed. All of our greatest heroes are gone, consumed by the plagues. Our leaders are overthrown by rebellions and revolts from those that suffered and lived through the horrors of Thoon. Our gods far and distant have left us to our fate, but seekers and pathwalkers still search for their return.

In the year 2001 VR, the Order of the Grey Chamber of Rivenstone banded together as a leading group of great mages and took leadership roles in every major state and kingdom within the known lands of Thynatira. There by creating the Grand Magistracy of Thynatira and usurped all other leaders and powers in the lands. For 13 years they have grown in power and control over the lives of those they feel need a stern and austere hand, letting no lesser common man attain any true leadership position unless he first swears fealty to the Grand Magistracy and the Order of Rivenstone.

With no priest or clerics to aid us, we are at the mercy of the mages now ruling our land. My dying prayer is that the gods return and renew our freedom and rebuild our disparaging lives, that we may once again walk as proud men of Thynatira, not common fodder for the mages and their ilk. A resistance is growing in the Kellic and near eastern lands, of those that no longer fear the Magistracy or the Order. I go now to join them in hopes of giving my wisdom and abilities to their cause for freedom.

Hasric Orland
Lord Marshall of Vashula


Rivenstone Report on the Underdark

VR 2012

After many months of exploration and navigation of the Underdark it is the conclusion of Rivenstone, that many of the races once inhabiting this vast subterranean realm have been either, completely wipe from existance or are living is such small numbered groups that they will no longer be a threat to the Overworld. It is our unanimous decision that several legions of Magistracy Guardsmen be sent forthwith into the Underdark and expediantly erradicate all remaining Daedhel, Illithid, and Duerka resistance that may be found there in.

Highlord of Rivenstone
Supreme Magister of the Grey Chamber

Underdark Campaign Report

VR 2013

The Magistracy is elated to announce that its campaign in the Underdark has been fully completed and 100% successful in nullifying the Daedhel, Illithid and Duerka threats below the surface of our lands.

In celebration of this news the Magistracy proposes a world wide holiday which will be called the Feast of Cleansing; to commerate those that lost their lives in this campaign for the betterment of our combined peoples. This day will be designated such on the 23rd of June, 2014 and be celebrated from this day forth.

Highlord of Rivenstone
Supreme Magister of the Grey Chamber


State of the War Report

VR 2014

At first we thought the Thoonian threat had died off from its own plagues and mutations, however, it seems we were very wrong. The Flayers of Thoon have once again risen up from below in a second wave of slaughter and decimation. All the Sorcerous arcane weilders have been taken or killed outright. Several reports are that they have been rounded up in various large cities and held in camps as they are processed and drained of their genetic quintessence through some form of technomancy beyond the Chamber’s understanding.
The Grey Chamber has gone into hiding with several already dead and drained by the Infiltrators. Our hope is all but gone, we have no way to combat this menace. Nothing we try seems to affect the Flayers or the Thoonian corruption that has spread over our Continent so pervassively and completely. No word has come from the southern Kyotoan Kingdoms or the Pirate Holds, although we do know the Flayers will not cross the water by ship, they do still have their Nautaloid crafts with which they can fly above the water.

Acting Highlord of Rivenstone
Emissary of the Grey Chamber

Reports have started to arrive about the Flayers slaying Dragons in the far east of Thynatira and draining them of their natural Quintessence, like they have the Sorcerers on this continent.

Thynatira Reborn

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